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In the round trip of life knowledge and honesty gets you complete

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The weekend was spent coding 🙂

When you spend a nice weekend, weather wise, coding what happens?

  1. Your code progresses which is good.
  2. You do not get sunburned which is good.
  3. You do not get a hangover due to alcohol consumption which is good.
  4. Your wisdom grows as the act of coding can enhance your learning and understanding of the world, if not the Universe.
  5. You do not form as many local, or physical relationships with other people. This is not necessarily a bad thing.
  6. One can connect with others doing weekend coding, this is really good as like minded individuals have a bond. A Universal Bond. 🙂
  7. Your life plan progresses and things happen which suggest that you might be right to graft on a nice weekend.

All for now, and one for all.


David A Robertson, aka hkdave95 (Cheesy Chilli Chocci Dave) JADER Ltd