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NB: Popup login Screen on Asgaros Forum Page of this (coderslament.uk) site

Dear Reader

This is not a gripe, just explaining.

There was a popup login screen appearing on this page. It was a browser popup login screen which indicated a failure of the front end being able to communicate with the server.

Login Box pops up when forum page displays – Support – Asgaros Forum 

The above links to a forum post which tells more of this story.

I installed an Antihacker plugin (quite a useful one really) and it had a feature to disable REST comms. I re-enabled the comms and the popup stopped appearing.

The only real question I have is why this page was accessing the REST comms area of my site? I guess it is a feature of the forum plugin.



David A Robertson, aka hkdave95 (Cheesy Chilli Chocci Dave) JADER Ltd