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HP Proliant cube server makes a brilliant linux mint dev machine.

Dear Reader,

So I found some misfortune which galvanised me into some action.

  1. I needed an installed version of SQL server to run locally on the LAN in my office.
  2. I needed a php capable webserver,
  3. I needed a version of My SQL
  4. I could and have done this on versions of Windows.
  5. This time I decided to use Linux Mint.
  6. The server is an HP Proliant cube Server. 4Gb of ram and a 1.3  Ghz processor. This server ran W2k12 r2 (d2) well. When I had put Linux Mint on via Memory stick it ran pretty well too. Note we are talking about an 8 or more year old machine.
  7. I installed SQL Server 2019 linux derivative on the cube. It installed well following the useful instructions.
  8. I then installed MySql and workbench (not supported for this mix, but works). workbench took some effort because root login was not real easy to get past the installer giving a blank password. Main hint I can offer here is that you use mysql to provide a password via sql query. Or use mysqladmin to change the password.
  9. The Apache was installed to run the websites.

All this was done using google and my understanding of windows installations. I knew I was to have a db an IIS equivalent and tools. As it happens I would install two flavours of db. If you would like more info on this please add to this thread. The server really works well and although it took most of a weekend it was worth it for the knowledge gained.

all for now and one for all.


David A Robertson, aka hkdave95 (Cheesy Chilli Chocci) JADER Ltd