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Hard Disk Filling Up


I noticed that my Hard Disk was consuming a lot of unexplained data. Why?

Also how do I find out what is taking up the space?

Any help gratefully recieved.


Dear Paul

I am going to ask you to do a few things to provide more information about this.

  1. Download a program called WindDirStat from https://windirstat.net/ 
  2. Install and run the program to analyse the directory data usage of all your drives.
  3. Please pass a screenshot of the results.



David A Robertson, aka hkdave95 (Cheesy Chilli Chocci Dave) JADER Ltd

Here you are David...

Uploaded files:
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Dear Paul

Thank you for the picture.

We can see that the majority of your hard disk usage is in the polybase log dump area.

I recommend deleting the log dump files to fee up space...

If the problem persists, please return to this forum and this very thread and we shall see if we cannot solve the reason for the dump files occurring.



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David A Robertson, aka hkdave95 (Cheesy Chilli Chocci Dave) JADER Ltd

Thanks David,

I will come back here inform you if the problem returns.