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A new project (how I love a new project) this is an upgrade to an old project / a re-write.


j Count is a working accountancy solution with a few customers.

I intend to keep minor version developing and maintaining this product until the new one takes over.

Sitting entirely within the Excel Ribbon, and spreadsheet framework of Excel it is well placed to be used by accounts departments that like Microsoft's Excel product.

A SQL Server backend is used to store the data and can be centrally located or on one of the Accounts machines depending on performance requirements and data backup and security regimes.

The screens that pop out of Excel are Winforms, and I am going to utilise the MDI interface system that one rarely sees within Winforms applications.

Of course I could write these screens in WPF XAML, however, I think that would be overkill at this stage. So I am opting for a traditional Winforms solution.

I am expecting another rewrite of this software for a entirely cloud environment sometime after 8 years. The two products may exist together giving the customer a choice of technologies.

So, that is my next Year of Sunday's and most of Saturday taken up. Good job I like coding, hey? 🙂

All for now, and one for all.



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Dear Friends

It seems that it does not sit entirely within the ribbon.

I intend a Winservice to operate on a machine in the multiuser environment which executes "cron" jobs on triggers in the LAN DB.

Note: The machine running j Count v2 should be able to have loaded a SQL Environment to make it work / SQL Server Express should do the trick, although MySQL might be a possibility also.

Excel runs on the main machine and / or all the other machines connecting for look up or data entry.

So it shall be a multi-user system.

All for now, and one for all.