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Coding through the night

Coding through the night

When my insomnia flares up I do not feel like lying in bed not sleeping so I get up to start coding.

I feel pretty good about that. Like I have beaten something. I feel like I have beaten whatever has caused the sleepless night.

The project I work on has been progressed and I am comfortable that my task list has got smaller.

I do not consume coffee during the sleepless periods, favouring tea.

The peppermint is growing again at the front of my house, and I grab some when I would like a cup of peppermint tea. They are healthy looking leaves and is very potent and refreshing.

Tonight I was working on the Therapiece project (https://www.therapiece.org). I cannot tell you more than that. However, if you join the organisation as a writer you shall find out more about my involvement as a founding member.

All for now, and one for all.


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