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A teacher helped me once

Once, in about 1978 I was sitting in the computer room at Island School, a cool place to be. My brow was furrowed. When I turned around to ask the teacher, “How do you add one to i, and put the result in i?”. Well, “you write i = i + 1”. This simple step has kept me in computing since then. The incrementor.

I like Kiwis

“They are coming to take me away”, the large New Zealander said. Quite often he said this often dropping his keyboard (gently) onto the table then going to the shop for donuts or cake. My mentor taught me well ?

Do I have a target on my forehead?

No. So do not target me. Instead, why not throw the rubbish in the bin, instead of at me ?

The impossible project

When your ego has grown so big it no longer fits around the table in a meeting, you get the impossible project. Not knowing this, I pull the rabbit out of the hat and produce a result so amazing it was still being used 15 years later / Boogie…

What does hope plus an anchor mean?

It is actually the name of a pub in the Docklands close to the house that a friend and his wife purchased in the 90s. The Hope and Anchor. I have drunk there, played pool there. But mostly I have just been there, and it was a good enough pub. Close enough to the Isle of Dogs to make one feel at home ?

Right now, This is where it is at

The commercial at is a convenient way of making something at another thing. Shorthand for the sake of argument. So that is where I shall leave it.